WATCH THIS: The Award-Winning Film “Better Mus Come” Opens in London Alongside ”Ring Di Alarm” World Premiere

New Caribbean Cinema Movement Will Take The UK By Storm This September
From Top: Michael ‘Ras Tingle’ Tingling, Michelle Serieux, Storm Saulter, Nile Saulter, Joel Burke, Kyle Chin

What could be hotter than a group of young directors getting together and making movies—Caribbean style? Just as Jamaica’s athletes have come in and done their ting its time for the island’s visual artists to come in and show Wha Gwan. Seven stories, six directors, all reprsenting one island: Jamaica. September 2nd will see the New Caribbean Cinema screen its World premiere of Ring Di Alarm at Southbank’s British Film Institute. “It’s a true experiment in guerilla filmmaking in the Caribbean,” says Storm Saulter who will also be screening his award-winning movie Better Mus Come for the first time in the UK. Future screenings are planned in Trinidad & Tobago as well as Jamaica of course.

Better Mus Come kicks off the weekend on September 1st. The gritty independent film is a fictional love story set against a backdrop of political violence in Kingston during the time of the Green Bay Massacre, which took place in 1978. So far the movie has had great success having started its international screenings early this year at the Toronto film festival and showing in NYC, LA & Miami. Now it’s finally reaching the other side of the pond—just a month after the Olympics and one week after Notting Hill Carnival. The timing couldn’t be better. Check out these new teaser trailers for a taste of what’s to come.

Ring Di Alarm

Better Mus Come

So What Is “New Caribbean Cinema” Anyway?


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