WATCH THIS: Sean Paul Talks “Tomahawk Technique” And Hits Back At Haters

Dutty Paul Speaks On The International Response To His Latest Album—And Brushes Off The Backlash
Backstage at the NYC release party for his 5th album, “Tomahawk Technique,” Dutty Paul took time out to reason with the Reggae Girl About Town. Sean has sold more albums in his career than 99% of the rest of the dancehall fraternity combined. But as we all know, great success often comes with a side order of hate. Some longtime fans have complained that his new album blends international pop sounds and production to his usual dancehall recipe. But Sean defends his work here, saying it’s all part of his campaign to take dancehall to the next level. Sean Paul also talks about working with Kelly Rowland, looks forward to mashing up this weekend’s Notting Hill Carnival, and explains what motivated his Twitter rant.
“If you’re with me, you’re with me—if not suck yuh mudda and g’way” Let’s go to the video tape…

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  1. Kevin Omwayi says:

    Sean Paul is a genius,people need to chill,true the new album is introducin foreign sounds but Shaggy did something similar with Hot shot..if u dont like keep it to your self..gweh..East Africans we love it.

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