WATCH THIS: DJ Khaled ft. Mavado “So Suicidal” / “Aktion Pak” Video

The Gully Gad Drops A Double Video, Repping We The Best / YMCMB To The Fullest

The waiting is over. Check the official video for Mavado’s latest piece of work with DJ Khaled after the jump. This one goes out to all the haters.

“Anything a anything” Run that…

In our exclusive Boomshots interview with the Gully Gad, he explained the meaning behind “Aktion Pak”: “When me say ‘Them say we live ah foreign and me nah come back,’ that’s just words of people that want to see me fall. Think about it, I’ve been in Jamaica for so many years. So if me spend five, six months in America, that’s nothing. It’s all about me working. It’s all about me trying to make better. You understand? people say a lot of things. But meanwhile, there’s only one thing for me to say—it’s just music. And even when I’m doing music, I have to talk to the haters, the enemies, the ones them who want to see me go down. That’s the reason why I say “Chat them a chat / Yap dem a yap / Gullyside me ah action packed. / Me no cuss cuss, me no wear a frock / Gully side we ah action packed. / Tell them anything ah anything / Dem ah say me leave a foreign and we nah come back / Have the house pon the hill / Them say we can’t done that.” You know? It’s all about me just letting them know, Right now, me just ah do me. Me wish everybody else can just do them, do themselves. Because think about it—this bag of crabs in a barrel. Each time a next youth tries to rise, we try pull them down, then nobody nah go reach nowhere.”

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