Interview: Mavado Talks We The Best Projects, “Suicidal” Video, Shuts Down Haters & Shouts Out Vybz Kartel

The Gully Gad Reasons With Reshma B In This Boomshots Exclusive

Last week we got our first look at Mavado’s latest video, “So Suicidal” off DJ Khaled’s new album, Kiss The Ring. Tonight at 6pm, the Gully Gad will appear with Khaled and a bunch of other hip-hop stars on BET’s 106 & Park, then he’ll jet back to Miami, where he’s been working on some collabos with Birdman—not to mention Fabolous, Busta Rhymes, French Montana, and the list goes on. Why is he grinding so hard since signing with We The Best Music Group? As one of the few dancehall artists in the game with a major label deal, Mavado feels as though he’s carrying an entire genre on his back right now. And even though he’s been away from home while he handles his biz, trust and believe that Jamaica is never far from his thoughts. The Reggae Girl About Town caught up with Mavado last night for an exclusive half-hour interview, and he had a lot on his mind. And you’ll never guess which fellow dancehall artist he keeps in his prayers.
“Shout to Vybz Kartel… Freedom is a must.” Let’s go to the video tape…

Mavado Part 1
“I can never lose. [Pounding table] I have to win. You understand? So “Survivor” is just another great thought of mine, of me saying to the world that I am who I am and I’m still here, and I’m still doing good. I still have my fans proud of me. Still got my family’s proud of me. I still have my daughter, she’s like 12 now. My son, 11. My next two sons, my momma, all my friends, the gully side. I just gotta keep on surviving, keep on taking it to the top so I could do things that I really dream about. You know? Great things, iconic things…”

Mavado Part 2
“Right now, me just ah do me. Me wish everybody else can just do them, do themselves. Because think about it—this bag of crabs in a barrel. Each time a next youth tries to rise, we try pull them down, then nobody nah go reach nowhere. We just gonna be there every day and look at each other’s face. The best thing for me is when I look and see other youths arise. Just like you have little youth like Popcaan, youth like Konshens, youth like I-Octane…”

Mavado Part 3
“The whole thing with Vybz… You done know the system. So we have to just hope for the best. We have to just all pray for him and show we support. I mean me, definitely at times, me just sit back and even when me say a word of prayer, me just put him in it same way. Because it’s all about me and him from the start, and no matter what happened musically and lyrically we never kill each other. We never really try to hurt each other—no matter what people say, it’s all about music…”

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7 Responses

  1. ken says:

    it’s embarrassing to hear talented jamaican artsts try to emulate american hip hop bullshit. Stick to your knitting dread. it’s not a good look for you..

  2. 4ril Mavado is HOT!!…..Seh dem>xD

  3. orenb says:

    ken stop chat fuckry,the artist thing a shot,gully to the world

  4. Lyrikkal says:

    @Ken Shut ur mouth and stop talk if u dont have anything to say!!!!!!!! Music evolves & that’s what happen when u’re an artistes who crossover to the international stage…why u dont tell Rihanna to sing like how they sing in Barbados or tell Wycliff to sing like how they sing in Haiti….Jamaicans just dark like a cave and talk foolishness all the times….Have an open mind and look on the reality side of things and take your mind from out the matches box that it’s stuck into

  5. ken says:

    you all sound just as inarticulate as Movado. Clearly i am a fan of his music, i am not not slamming or bad minding him. His recent attempts at hip hop yankee style reggae reeks of inauthentic garbage.. @LYRIKKAL suck u mumma!

  6. Dudus says:

    Mavado been a commercial artist.. He sings to make money. Rihanna and Wyclef were also commercial artists. There is no authenticity. They make the music that makes the most money. Americans have always been obsessed with Reggae. Mavado peeped that and he’s taking advantage. More power to him. Don’t be fooled. It’s NOT about the music… it’s about the MONEY.

  7. kenny says:

    This is like the best interview he has ever done…. he has grown a lot im proud of mavado!

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