HEAR THIS: Inner Circle ft. Touter “Drum Song”

Keyboard Master Touter Harvey Drops A Dubstep Update of The Jackie Mittoo Classic “Drum Song”

“Reggae influence a lot of music,” says Bernard “Touter” Harvey, and he should know. He’s played on classic cuts by Bob Marley and Inner Circle, among others. “Look at it this way, reggae have many babies. A man say in Jamaica you have the roots. Every tree have to have roots and it have to have branches. And from branches, sometimes you get seeds. Sometimes even the root push out another plant or a baby plant.” One of the  new musical babies would be dubstep. “Where we used to have dub, now we have drum and bass and dubstep.” The good people at Dubshot Records have teamed with Inner Circle to produce Dub Planet X, a tribute to Jackie Mittoo, reworking some of his classic compositions inna “Steppin Dub” stylee. Audio after the jump.

Run that…
Inner Circle ft. Touter “Steppin Dub”
[audio:https://www.boomshots.com/tunes/01 DRUM SONG.mp3]

Jackie Mittoo “Drum Song” (Original)

Touter talks about the Inner Circle Dubstep Tribute to Jackie Mittoo

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  2. Mannix says:

    Real musicality, sometimes a revolution starts with a rumble…

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