HEAR THIS: Gyptian & Khari Kill “See The Heathen From Far”

Lion King Muzik Pon Them Case Again

As the legendary selector—formerly for King Addies sound system—Babyface knows great reggae music when he hears it. And he’s applied that knowledge as the producer behind Lion King Muzik. His latest production brings together Windell Beneto Edwards aka Gyptian out of Jamaica and Khari Obafemi Williams aka Khari Kill out of Trinidad & Tobago to bring forth an uncompromising roots plus culture tune called “See The Heathen From Far.” This one sounds like an instant classic. Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall tell. Audio after the jump.

“We no flatter we no stutter when we talk to them” Run that…
[audio:https://www.boomshots.com/tunes/SEE THE HEATHEN FROM FAR.mp3]

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  1. Carol A says:

    lovely!!! love it love it

  2. lionface says:

    the legendary selector formally of
    King Addies sound system

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