HEAR THIS: Damian Marley, Tarrus Riley, Wayne Marshall, & TOK “Independence”

This Is Not An Official 50th Anniversary Song

With four days to go until the anniversary of Jamaican independence, the party is in full swing and the patriotic tunes are in heavy rotation. Damian Marley contributed a verse to “On A Mission“—the official theme song, which also features Shaggy, Beres Hammond, Assassin, Tarrus Riley, Romaine Virgo, Chevelle Franklin, Wayne Marshall, Tifa & Tessanne Chin—but today the Marley’s Ghetto Youths International released a new song that asks some pertinent questions amidst all the hoopla and hullabaloo. Junior Gong joined forces with Tarrus Riley, Wayne Marshall, and TOK to make this song—not to rain on anybody’s parade, but to speak the truth. Because after all the parties are over, life goes on.
“Are we independent?” Run that…

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  1. stacey says:

    I think the government of they have some serious explaining to do? Even though we all know that there will never be any proper answers to be given in our hearts we know the truth and we live it everyday while those just sit there and enjoy living free no bills to be paid stolen money from the poor. How can man live with himself knowing that he steals from the poor Just he could continue to enjoy a wholesome life huh?


    I bliv those far sighted of our race who r in the right financial position mus jus come bek home n focus their investments on skills development in the youth of this continent n b courageous enough 2 expect nothing in return.in my country thez plenty room 2 test this after the system of apartheid.we r a teenager doing good amongst adults who’ve bin practicing this 4 over 400yrs in world affairs n some of these adults helped sustain apartheid.investing in us wil later giv them shield from the heat that may come when the tree from this seed is grown.this wil also save them from the hell that the west is about 2 become 2 them which is even far worse than slavery.its jus a matter of time b4 we witness the fulfilment of more of garveys prophecies including the manifestations of Rastafari prophetic speeches.I LOVE AFRIKANS ALL ACROSS THE GLOBE N I KNOW ONE DAY THE MENTAL CHAINS THAT BIND OUR THINKING WILL BE BROKEN

  3. Danielle says:

    Wow pretty heavy ill raise my hands to this we want to be independent. And strive for independence but the system wants nothing more than us to fail so that we have to follow their rule this is great I am going to hold strong ground for the native I am not to be confused with native American just native and we will have our garden of Essen again. You know what I mean 1<3 power to the peacefully 🙂 Sage Mariposa

  4. Yah Rastafarian says:

    Yahhhhh Rastafarai man 😉

  5. RastaGirl says:

    I need the lyrics!

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