HEAR THIS: Bonafide ft. Damian Marley “Start N Stop”

Las Vegas Based Reggae Group Tangles With Gongzilla 

“Reaching out to humanity at large,” says Damian Marley near the end of this tasty one-drop tune, “Big Gongzilla in charge.” Or is he? Gong’s blustery bravado notwithstanding, this deceptively simple song is all about people stubbornly sticking to their own point of view. One thing’s for sure—the track is anchored by rock-solid live instrumentation courtesy of this Mobay-by-way-of-Vegas rhythm section. Yet there’s no denying that Gongzilla takes it over the top, peppering the pot as only a champion DJ can do. The bristling banter between Bonafide lead vocalist Jr. Rootz and Gongzilla lends “Start N Stop” a humorous tone that gives way to more thought-provoking, universal issues such as mankind’s apparent inability to cooperate. “You keep on doing the same old thing, I keep on making the same mistakes—so we keep on getting nowhere. Move on for goodness sake.” Check this tune for greatness sake. Once it starts you won’t want it to stop.

“Don’t start & stop after man ah no traffic cop” Run that…

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