HEAR THIS: Reggae Gold 2012

The 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of Reggae Gold Is In Stores Now. Stream The Full Double CD Here.

For the past 20 years, VP’s Reggae Gold series has been the 24-karat standard for dancehall and reggae compilations. To celebrate the anthology’s anniversary, VP has pulled out all the stops with a deluxe double disc combining this year’s hottest hits with a selection of the biggest boomshots of the past 20 years. Check the selections after the jump.


1. Sean Paul “She Doesn’t Mind”
[audio:https://www.boomshots.com/tunes/1-01 She Doesn’t Mind.mp3] 2. Popcaan “Only Man She Want”
[audio:https://www.boomshots.com/tunes/1-02 Only Man She Want.mp3] 3. Potential Kidd “Yah Suh Nice”
[audio:https://www.boomshots.com/tunes/1-03 Yah Suh Nice.mp3] 4. Konshens “Gal a Bubble”
[audio:https://www.boomshots.com/tunes/1-04 Gal A Bubble.mp3] 5. Christopher Martin “Cheater’s Prayer”
[audio:https://www.boomshots.com/tunes/1-05 Cheater’s Prayer.mp3] 6. Busy Signal “Come Over (Missing You) (Extended Dub Mix)”
[audio:https://www.boomshots.com/tunes/1-06 Come Over.mp3] 7. Etana “Reggae”
[audio:https://www.boomshots.com/tunes/1-07 Reggae.mp3] 8. Iba Mahr “Will I Wait in Vain”
[audio:https://www.boomshots.com/tunes/1-08 Will I Wait In Vain.mp3] 9. Busy Signal ft. Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley “Kingston Town (Remix)”
[audio:https://www.boomshots.com/tunes/1-09 Kingston Town feat.Damian _Jr Gong_ Marley.mp3] 10. Romain Virgo “I Know Better”
[audio:https://www.boomshots.com/tunes/1-10 I Know Better.mp3] 11. Konshens “Do Sum’n”
[audio:https://www.boomshots.com/tunes/1-11 Do Sum’n.mp3] 12. Cham & O “Wine”
[audio:https://www.boomshots.com/tunes/1-12 Wine.mp3] 13. Gyptian “Overtime”
[audio:https://www.boomshots.com/tunes/1-13 Overtime.mp3] 14. Melanie Fiona “Like I Love You”
[audio:https://www.boomshots.com/tunes/1-14 Like I Love You.mp3] 15. Tarrus Riley “Not Missing You”
[audio:https://www.boomshots.com/tunes/1-15 Not Missing You.mp3] 16. Beres Hammond “Keeping It Real”
[audio:https://www.boomshots.com/tunes/1-16 Keeping It Real.mp3] 17. Terry Linen “I Look to You”
[audio:https://www.boomshots.com/tunes/1-17 I Look To You.mp3]


1. Wayne Wonder “No Letting Go”
[audio:https://www.boomshots.com/tunes/2-01 No Letting Go.mp3] 2. Gyptian “Hold You”
[audio:https://www.boomshots.com/tunes/2-02 Hold You.mp3] 3. Sean Paul “Temperature”
[audio:https://www.boomshots.com/tunes/2-03 Temperature.mp3] 4. Beenie Man “Romie”
[audio:https://www.boomshots.com/tunes/2-04 Romie.mp3] 5. Bounty Killer “Benz and Bimma ”
[audio:https://www.boomshots.com/tunes/2-05 Benz and Bimma.mp3] 6. General Degree “When I Hold You Tonight”
[audio:https://www.boomshots.com/tunes/2-06 When I Hold You Tonight.mp3] 7. Mr. Vegas “Heads High”
[audio:https://www.boomshots.com/tunes/2-07 Heads High.mp3] 8. Mavado “So Special”
[audio:https://www.boomshots.com/tunes/2-08 So Special.mp3] 9. Beres Hammond & Buju Banton “Pull It Up”
[audio:https://www.boomshots.com/tunes/2-09 Pull It Up.mp3] 10. I Wayne “Can’t Satisfy Her”
[audio:https://www.boomshots.com/tunes/2-10 Can’t Satisfy Her.mp3] 11. Sizzla “Just One of Thoses Days”
[audio:https://www.boomshots.com/tunes/2-11 Just One of Thoses Days.mp3] 12. Tanya Stephens “It’s a Pity”
[audio:https://www.boomshots.com/tunes/2-12 It’s a Pity.mp3] 13. Queen Ifrica “Below the Waist”
[audio:https://www.boomshots.com/tunes/2-13 Below the Waist.mp3] 14. Lady Saw & Beenie Man “Healing”
[audio:https://www.boomshots.com/tunes/2-14 Healing.mp3] 15. T.O.K. “Footprints”
[audio:https://www.boomshots.com/tunes/2-15 Footprints.mp3] 16. Morgan Heritage “Down By the River”
[audio:https://www.boomshots.com/tunes/2-16 Down By the River.mp3]

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