HEAR THIS: Rayvon “Selecta”

As Shaggy Launches His Ranch Entertainment Label, Rayvon’s Shooting A Video For This Tune Tonight

Remember Rayvon? Of course you do. He’s the ackee to Shaggy’s saltfish, the smooth crooner heard alongside Shagsman on certified Boomshots like “Big Up” and the #1 Pop smash “Angel.” Rayvon’s got a bad new solo tune on the Kingston 13 Riddim, released by Shaggy’s record label Ranch Entertainment. Audio after the jump. “Wheeeeel up, pull up pull up selector, rewind. And play it back one more time.” Let it go…


If you’re in NYC tonight, why not stop by the big Ranch Ent. launch party? You just might end up in the “Selecta” video.

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