HEAR THIS: Junior Demus “Talk Too Much”

The Original Ruffneck Chicken Is Back With A Vengeance

Junior Demus is one of dancehall’s greatest larger-than-life characters. Both menacing and hilarious, with a voice like a gravel-crusher, he can mash up a stage show without uttering a word—all he needs to do is strike one of his patented poses in front of the right crowd and the whole place will erupt. By his name you can tell he’s a student of Nicodemus, and while his flows might be similar but his dress code and vocal syle are way more raw. Junior Demus is a master of the “talk and stop” flow, which he employs to perfection on his signature track “Ruffneck Chicken.” He goes even harder on the classic Jammy’s cut “Bank Haffi Lick” and the Phillip  Smart-produced “Shot Make You Wiggle.” His records may not always be lyrically profound, but they are never boring. Just last night we got hold of a new Jr. Demus track on the “Rock & Stop” riddim released by the Belgian label, Big Bout Ya Records. Check it out after the jump…
“You soon get fix up.” Run that…

Check out Junior Demus on the Kingston stage show Hotshot 1988:

Junior Demus mashes up the place alongside Super Cat and Nicodemus (1990)

Click here to take in the whole dance “A Pick of the Past” featuring Super Cat, Nicodemus, Junior Demus, Louie Rankin, and Trevor Sparks

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