Vybz Kartel Disbanding Portmore Empire

Official Statement From Adidjaheim Records: Tommy Lee and Gaza Slim Moving On To PG13

This morning Boomshots received an official communique from Vybz Kartel’s record label announcing the end of an era. “Adidjahiem Records would like to announce that the outfit known as the Portmore Empire is being disbanded.” After contacting reputable sources to confirm, it appears that the statement is legit. Although producers have continued to release new Kartel songs recorded before his arrest last October, there is no infrastructure in place to keep up with the day-to-day management of artists. The release also included the following statement from Adidja ‘Vybz Kartel’ Palmer… “Dancehall fans worldwide, it with great regret that I, Adidja Palmer have decided to disband the Portmore Empire. These artistes have been under the Adidjahiem leadership for years, where they have honed their craft and made their mark, and as such, are well on their way to becoming major forces in Dancehall. They have reached a level where they are more capable to take on their careers by themselves, and it would be unfair to them, based on the limited resources of Adidjahiem Records, and current legal woes of the Adidjahiem C.E.O. and team members.

“I wish them the best and I am confident that they will live up to my expectations. In the future, Adidjahiem will continue to bring out new acts and groom them for stardom.”

The statement goes on to assert that former Portmore Empire members Vawnessa ‘Gaza Slim’ Saddler and Leroy ‘Tommy Lee’ Russell are moving on with a newly formed entity called PG13. “Right now, a PG13 di ting deh,” states Gaza Slim. “Look out for PG13,” says Tommy Lee. “It soon work in.”

Tommy Lee “Warn Dem” Video

Gaza Slim “One Man/Moving On” Video

Gotta love seeing Kartel playing the judge role in this divorce court scenario!

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