Ninjaman Declares Dancehall “Dead”

The Front-Teeth-Gold-Teeth-Gun-Pon-Teeth Don Gorgon Has Spoken

“Reggae/dancehall music is dead,” Ninjaman told the Jamaica Observer last week. “As a matter of fact it is holding on to a tiny string,” declared the notorious Don Gorgon who coined the immortal phrase “anything test dead.”
“The persons who are responsible for the downfall of it are the artistes and producers who are shortchanging it.” Since his release on still-pending murder charges, Ninjaman has been getting busy in the studio, but apparently he feels like his efforts are not enough to improve the state of the music. “A hip-hop or R&B artiste can release one single and earn millions. We on the other hand make numerous albums and barely earn a cent,” he said. “We are doing something wrong. We can’t expect to do the same things and get different results. No longer are artistes concentrating on carrying on the legacy that Bob Marley left.” Let’s go to the video tape…

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