HEAR THIS: Popcaan “Fry Yiy”

The Whole Place Ah Say “Fry Yiy”

Yeah the party shot like an M16, but don’t get it twisted. What part of “Hot Skull a Hot Skull” did y’all fail to overstand? Well Popcaan jumped Anu Blaxx’s new “Fry Yiy” riddim just to drive his point home: “Can’t see me pon the road and gimme no speech. Gangster City bad man never grow inna creech. Bust them head pon the pulpit when pastor ah preach. If you diss me ah evil contract you ah breach.” Are we clear now?

Crystal. “Me no beg no bumbaclaat friend” Let off…
[audio:https://www.boomshots.com/tunes/POPCAAN – FRY YIY – FRY YIY RIDDIM – ANU BLAXX-UIM-21ST.mp3]

Photograph by Peter Dean Rickards

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