HEAR THIS: Macka Diamond “Deh Suh Nice”

Macka Gets Slacka On Her X-Rated Counteraction To Potential Kidd

Macka “Money O” Diamond is usually all about her paper. But right now she’s got something else on her mind—and it seems to have something to do with a “Cocky so big me haffi cut and paste it.” Where Potential Kidd’s “Yah Suh Nice” was more on the humorous/suggestive tip, Macka D’s counteraction from Golden Rock Productions is straight-up slack. Not that we’re mad—at all.

“Inna the bush caw me no stush lady.” Run that…


“Street creds tun up right now,” Macka says. “The song a mash up every whey.  WeddyWeddy dun whey night and Nesbeth Bike Fest ova Big Buy Plaza in Portmore shell whey when Pink Panther drop it last Sunday night.”

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