Fuzzy Jones Gets His G.O.O.D. Music Debut

That’s The Late Great Don Of Dubplate Intros Nicing Up Kanye West’s New Single “Mercy”

Kanye West has the internet going nuts with his latest G.O.O.D. Music release, “Mercy.” Aside from Yeezy himself, the song features Big Sean, Pusha T, and 2 Chainz. But the voice you hear at the top of the track may be less well known to rap heads—even though he’s a legend in the dancehall. That’s Fuzzy Jones, whose gift for manic bugged-out braggadoccio made his dubplate intros a must for any selector looking to execute a soundbwoy in a clash situation. Before his death in 2005—when he was hit by a car while riding his bike near Arrow’s dub studio in Kingston, Jamaica—Fuzzy became so well known that his voice was immortalized on numerous soundclash-themed records like the classic King Tubby’s disc seen above. Read on to find out where the “Mercy” sample came from…
The G.O.O.D. Music track, produced by Lifted, opens with a lengthy sample of one of Fuzzy’s greatest intros, taken from Super Beagle’s “Dust A Soundboy” on Winston Riley’s mighty Stalag Riddim.

Fuzzy gets more shine about halfway through “Mercy” as his typically bizarre stream-of-consciousness insult plays out at length. Here’s the full text for the benefit of our patois-impaired friends: “WELL—It is a weeping and a moaning and a gnashing of teeth in the dancehall—and who no have teeth gwine run pon them gums. Caw when time it comes to my sound, which is the champion sound, the bugle has blown so many times, and it still have one more time left, caw the amount of stripe weh deh pon our shoulder. Nah bother sound test we, and them can’t test we. COME Super Beagle and your girl!” Big up Fuzzy, anywhere you deh. It’s all G.O.O.D.

G.O.O.D. Music “Mercy”

Super Beagle “Dust A Sound Boy”

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  1. jerry king bross says:

    Hope fuzzy family see some royalties…but we all know,that nahhappen

  2. secrecy93 says:

    you never know enuh Jerry.. Kanye usually gives people their due credit, especially with samples, even the less obvious ones.. not sure if fuzzy would get the royalties or Super Beagle tho

  3. […] The song, featuring Mr. West, Big Sean, 2 Chainz, Pusha T and samples of late dancehall artist Fuzzy Jones, comes correct with just the right amount of references to ass, fancy cars, money, and bravado. […]

  4. Riptide says:

    Between this and The Don, it’s great to see dancehall samples in Hip-Hop again. I do hope everyone gets their royalties though, which they should considering that Kanye and Salaam normally sort these things out.

  5. Malik says:

    Kanye’s a genius when it comes to samples. From the Fuzzy Jones sample to the Otis Redding sample on “Otis.” Definitely one of the best hip-hop producers.

  6. stephanie says:

    Fuckin awesome love it the first time I heard it it caught my attention heard the regular song the reggae version fell in love wit that one too

  7. Baisley says:

    This sample was used before years ago by Smif n Wessun,Top Dog & Starang Wondah – from boot camp click. The song is called “Sound Bwoy Burial”

    That is also a great song

    • Judlseih says:

      You know, I couldn’t figure out where I’d heard Fuzzy’s voice and you hit it right on the head. Good looking.

  8. kevin dunes says:

    just to make clear, though the author already said:

    Kanye did not produce the “Mercy” record. a guy named Lifted did. kanye gets credit for every record he’s rapping on but that’s not fair to the real guy who did it. it’s not his fault that people assume but i gotta speak on it.

  9. skol says:

    sounds like Illuminati brainwashin to me.

  10. Cb says:

    The bible describes hell as a weeping and moaning and a gnashimg of teeth. That dint strike you as odd?

    • knowtheledge says:

      Preach!!!! they sleepin, the need to read the bible

    • dezi says:

      ahhhh thank u…..i was wondering if nebody looked that up…….gud point!!!

    • Kirstie says:

      @SKOL N CB…i figured illuminati lol tht shit is crazy…i cudn figure out wht dude was sayin so I looked it up..ppl dnt knw wht they’re listening to nowadays….Ms.B™

    • Dng says:

      Yes!!!! Ur on point.. Hell is real and is nothing to play with. If u dont get right u will be left to gnash ur teeth.. Its biblical!!!

  11. The owner of Winston Riley’s (R.I.P.) estate would receive royalties, not Fuzzy or Super Beagle. The Kanye song is terrible, by the way.

  12. Triple L says:

    i just got a great idea !!!! think i found a way for dancehall to come back to mainstream. does anybody else feel it. i bout to cap on this. I got this guy Jamie from Belize and his voice does wonders he raps english and in belize Creole (patois)

  13. Cellochief says:

    Kardinal Official used the same sample in Sound Boy Killin

  14. Skyy says:

    Too Short used the music sample in Blow Job Betty

  15. Stephanie says:

    I so agree with Jerry King BRoss…his familys hould get what is due for that sample…

  16. Bree says:

    What is Jones saying, though? This song is the best…

  17. Thelonious says:

    So no one is going to mention how this sample was the tag for the entire J. Dilla & Madlib JayLib project, “Champion Sound” ?

  18. hotsitatsi says:

    It was also sampled on Dr. Evil’s “More Punanny”

  19. ray says:

    Hell is real….

  20. Tamara says:

    “Well it is a weeping, and a moaning, and a gnashing of teeth
    In the dancehall, and who no have teeth will run pon them gums
    Caw when time it comes to my sound, which is the champion sound
    The bugle has blown the many times, and it still have one more time left
    Caw the amount of stripe weh deh pon our shoulders”

    That’s what its saying…..that’s biblical from the book or Revelations describing hell and how God is going to come back agwin …..he blows the horn I believe 7 times for the 7 stages of the “plague” of death….tortured so cruel that you wish for death. Read Revelations people

  21. lilav says:

    Illuminati or not. The bible is really effective in grabbing our attention. the violence of words used is spectacular and descriptive. To not use bible quotes in music is silly.Even not using it in movies or books. Barely anyone in this generation reads the bible…so using it makes the music seem original. Religion always has created controversy and it will in music, we’ll question what does it mean? gnashing of teeth wailing? why would someone do so? It’s only natural to question what we see and again illuminati may want to teach us about the bible, religion. But it could also be that we just want to learn ourselves and question what something may mean. We always learn but we choose what to keep to our life. If there’s a conspiracy that someones running the world subtlety, knock knock on your head? didnt you think thats already happening in our faces and not subtelty?! thats a even bigger issue. Advertisements, teachers, parents, they all force words in our face and half the time i ignore them. ahah. anyway i think its genius to put something religious in a song. its art and business to me and it appeals to a bigger demographic.

  22. Semen Spermshorts says:


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