WATCH THIS: Bruce Springsteen & Jimmy Cliff “The Harder They Come” Live Video

The Boss Brought Out The Original Starbwoy For His Headlining Show At SXSW
Photograph by Erin Fotos

We’ve always liked Bruce Springsteen—he’s unpretentious by rock-star standards, his Born To Run album is a straight-up classic, and his E-Street band was no joke. Now we’ve got another reason. During his headlining set last week at SXSW 2012, the Boss brought out Jimmy Cliff, who tore the roof off the brand-new Austin City Limits concert hall.
Though many were shocked by Jimmy’s cameo appearance—Who knew Bruce was a reggae head, or that he could play such a mean riddim guitar?—at the end of the day music is music. So big up the Boss, and run that…

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