HEAR THIS: Mavado “Soulja Girl”

Brand New Gully Gaad For The Girls—”She’s The One I Bust My K With”

“I’m her Romeo, she’s my Juliet,” Mavado sings on this exclusive leak from his DJ Khaled project. Soaring vocals, epic echo and a touch of steel drum synths—voila! Something sweet and smooth for the ladies. And of course a true Soulja Girl holds her man down in good times and bad. “As this world getting colder, she’s there with me shoulder to shoulder.” Let it go…

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  1. Dem chunes you bring r a righteous vibes to da music. Meh lookin forward to da Day when meh Producer Max-A-Million bring us together & Callab on sum chunes. 1Luv King. Bustcya over&out

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