HEAR THIS: Lady Leshurr “Lego”

The Best Spitter In the UK Rips Grime, Garage, and Drum & Bass Beats. It’s a Brummy Fing, Innit?

If you ain’t heard of her already then note the name. From up norf in BUR-MING-UM (Birmingham) UK, The pint-sized lady was the only female repping on the Bass culture discussion which panel explored the influence of reggae on the UK underground scene. “Sorry I weren’t around during that time” she told the panel moderator, former Steel Pulse member Mykaell Riley, when he asked her about something all them years back. Of course she don’t, but the young lady who got her earliest inspiration from Sister Nancy sure knows how to spit. Her take on Chris Brown and Busta’s “Look At Me Now”  has notched half a million views—and props from Nicki Minaj among others. Now she says she’s ready to battle Busta!
Leshur’s about to drop her debut album so let’s get familiar with what ol’ girl is all about. Unleash it…
[audio:https://www.boomshots.com/tunes/LadyLeshurrLego.mp3] “When they see me coming they know that I Lego… so turn up the bass and don’t forget to raise the treble”

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