HEAR THIS: Rihanna Birthday Dubplate Mix

DJ Max Glazer Flings Down Some Dubplate Specials For RiRi’s Bornday
Today is Rihanna’s 24th birthday, and wherever she is right now, we’ve got a feeling she’s celebrating inna fine style. Of course Rihanna’s not just one of the world’s biggest pop stars, she’s also a massive reggae fan. No wonder she chose DJ Max Glazer of Federation Sound as her touring selector for the first three years of her career. In fact she still calls on Max to fling down selections at special events—like, say her birthday party….Over the years Max has cut some wicked dubs in RiRi’s honor. Today he blessed us all with a big bad dubplate mix. Run that!!!

Download Max’s Mix Here Via Federation Blog

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  1. esther says:

    i forgot my friend’s birthday which was last week. we’ve been friends for years and i know its important to her. i don’t really know how i could have missed it. i’m a bit ashamed of it and been hiding from her the last few days. is it okay if i greet her even though i’m a week late? and what is the proper way to greet her without offending her? i can’t really think of an excuse to tell her why i forgot.

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