HEAR THIS: Cham ft. O “Tun Up”

Cham On The Mic x Dave Kelly On The Riddim =  The Ting Tun Up

Some artist / producer combos never fail. Think of Biggie & Primo. Snoop & Dre. Cham & Dave Kelly. Yes, the dancehall dream team behind “Ghetto Story,” “Vitamin S,” and “Man and Man”—just to name a few—is back with another certified boomshot called “Tun Up.” As Cham explained in this recent “On Stage” interview, the mysterious female artist featured on the new track is none other than Cham’s own wifey, who’s stepping into the spotlight the right way—alongside her hit-making husband. And judging by her performance on this tune, everything tun up. Run the track—and tun that shit up!


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  1. The Originator says:

    Yes indeed Dave Kelly & Cham buss big tune with this one !

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