HEAR THIS: Toni Braxton & Shaggy “Xmas In Jamaica” + “Jamaican Drummer Boy” & 3 More Rappa-Pam-Pams

What Is The Meaning Of Rappa Pam Pam???

Mr. Boombastic must really love Christmas. Ten years ago he gave us “Christmas In Jamaica with Toni Braxton. Was that Toni whispering something about “Sex on the beach?” Guess that’s one way to take the chill off. Hot it up…


Now Mr. Shagsman is back in Santa mode with another musical stocking stuffer called “Jamaican Drummer Boy.” You know, the one that goes “Rappa Pam Pam”! Of course Shaggy’s not the first dancehall legend to reinterpret this Yuletide classic. Back in 1994 RAS Records released the album A Reggae Christmas featuring Michigan & Smiley “Drummer Boy.”

And who could forget Jr. Reid’s 1991 anti-gun tune “Rappa Pam Pam,” in which Father One Blood burns out “Santa Fraud” for giving the youths (toy?) Glocks and magnums instead of guitars and microphones.

We might not even speak of Justin Bieber‘s recent take on “Drummer Boy” around these parts, except that Busta Rhymes really goes off on this one—and you done know Busta have the yardman flex—so in case this one missed you, hold a next Pam! Pam!

Ok, so we all know the tune, but Shaggy’s new version is coming in a different style and pattern.

Run the track…


If you love this one, why not support the artist? But why stop at one tune when you could cop Shaggy’s new album Summer In Kingston? And don’t forget to support Shaggy & Friends on its new date…

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