HEAR THIS: Buju Banton “Set Up The Mic”

World Premiere of The Debut Single From Certified Boomshots Vol. 1

Recorded three years ago on the “Rapid Burst” riddim for Young Blood Records, “Set Up The Mic” started out as an on-the-spot freestyle while Buju Banton waited for the engineer to fix the levels at the start of a studio session. The engineer happened to press record, and the sounds captured that day were refreshingly raw, a glimpse of the champion DJ spitting lyrics off the head as if he were toasting around a sound system—a rare treat for Buju fans who have been missing the voice of the Gargamel.

“I always told people that I have a song that I think is one of the baddest Buju tracks, but he was just freestyling,” says producer Mr. G. “The thing about this song, it’s got a happy, playful kinda energy. The world will appreciate and love hearing Buju again, banging as the great Buju Banton. Although it’s a freestyle, if I don’t tell people it’s a freestyle, they would never know it.” Leggo…


The wait is over! The big bad Buju Banton tune drops today… Cop it now at iTunes.

The full compilation hits iTunes next week. Boomshots is changing the game.

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