HEAR THIS: Cherine Anderson “The Break Up Song”

Queen Of Dancehall Soul Drops Mixtape; Links w Odd Future’s Syd Tha Kid

Don’t say Cherine Anderson never gave you nuttin! The Queen of Dancehall Soul is celebrating her birthday by blessing you, her loyal fans, with a musical gift. Dungload link after the jump…
Here’s a lil’ taste of Cherine’s latest, something totally out-the-box produced by Syd Tha Kid of the OFWGKTA posse. Run the track…


Now go ahead and dungload Cherine’s new mixtape, JA9/25. Many happy returns!

4 Responses

  1. Jean says:

    I FUCKIN LOVE THIS!!!! Cherine is so talented and the mixtape is DOPE!!!

  2. Marlon Small says:

    why dis one girl suh beautiful. She coulda sing to me any day even if she a break up wid mi woulda just put on di make up sex woooi lolol

  3. Jessica says:

    I really love this reminds me a little bit of Aliyah but i love the lyrics . A little bit different from what i’m use to for Cherine lolol but she kills it

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