HEAR THIS: Lil Wayne “Two Shots”

Pass Me The Laser Beam—Certified Boomshot From Tha Carter IV

Everybody’s talking about that Jay-Z diss, or that “How to Love” video—but it’s strictly Boomshots we deal with round here. So we’ll take two shots of whateverLove Weezy’s bad bwoy chat on this one. He’s like “Me no tek bad up—me a done de place…” Leggo!


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  2. Kiana says:

    I LOVE THIS SONG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAAA BUDDIEE

  3. Juleeza says:

    Das Ritee Kiana Imma Marry Him <3 Ii Pinnky Promise Haha

  4. gbd824 says:

    fuck u all that hate on lil wayne hes the best in the game then tyga so dont right coments if u just ganna hate luv the song so fuck u all

  5. I says:

    @gbd824 Dats All Im Sayiin

  6. ms. juleeza you wish because im already married to dwayne michael carter we have been married since i turned 14 because i mean thats old enough like the old timy mexican people they got married at 14 so we thought that would be good lolololol

  7. Juleeza says:

    Miss.Abby Im Tha One WHo Is Going To Marry Him..! I Promised That…!

  8. Austin says:

    Badass song i love it

  9. MinnieMouse&Mickey says:


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