HEAR THIS: Shabba Ranks “None A Dem”

Big Dutty Stinkin Shabba Puts Some Likkle Prentice DJs In Check

Some of y’all mouseclick selectors don’t remember the days when playing sound meant posting up at the 45 shop each and every week. And whenever a fresh Shabba Ranks selection hit the market, you knew you had to pick up two copies just to protect your life. For those of us who grew up with champion DJs like Shabba, Ninja Man, and Super Cat—well, let’s just say we’re not so easily impressed by some of these hurry-come-ups who claim to run the place. It wouldn’t be so bad if they weren’t feeling themselves so much.

The thing is, no matter how undeniably larger-than-life DJs like Shabba, Cat, and Ninja were, they always knew to pay “Respect” to the elders in the music. It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from the Rankin, but it looks like somebody drew him out. Shabba sounds more than a little bit wrathful as he spits over Steven McGregor’s “Peppa” riddim. Did somebody show a lack of respect? Did they not know the Rankin no nurse no pet no powder and pamper? Who can’t hear must feel. Lick it back from the top to the very last DROP!


When it come to music is not fun and game.

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  1. isbin says:


  2. needleah says:

    Di Mastah come fi skool some bwoy!

  3. natty_b says:

    Ting a ling a ling

  4. antonette says:

    REAL TALK!!!! Maddddddd!!!! Still going strong shabba caa done so all dem a talk its just lipservice. Its a shabba ting….

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