WATCH THIS: The General “Mr. President”

22-Year-Old Tunisian Rapper Was Arrested After Making This Record

According to published reports, a 22-year-old rapper named Hamada Ben-Amor who goes by the name The General was arrested by Tunisian authorities after releasing a record critical of his embattled government. Through his video clip entitled “Rais Lebled” (O country’s president) The General has inspired protests and mobilised tens of thousands of young people.

“Music is the weapon of the future,” the late great Afrobeat activist Fela Kuti foretold. And the recent uprising in Tunisia, which eventually spread to Egypt, has been described as a social media revolution. The General was finally released from custody, and even performed at a political rally last week. He says his phone is ringing off the hook with offers from international record labels. Whatever you think of his political views, you can’t deny the youth has courage.

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