WATCH THIS: Tarrus Riley “Shaka Zulu Pickney”

“Me Nah Go Bleach,” says Singy Singy “Me Say Me Nah Dilute It”

“Ancestors no leave me,” Tarrus Riley pleads in this rootical new selection that premiered just in time for Black History Month. As fate would have it, the video premiered in Jamaica the same day that the respected New York radio DJ Chris Dubb Master of IRie Jam decided to ban Vybz Kartel’s music for the month of February. In comes something completely different.
Let it go…

Just as Tarrus Riley’s song celebrates his African roots and Jamaica’s “warrior spirit,” his latest video brings that spirit to life. Directed by Storm, the man behind the crucial film Better Mus Come, “Shaka Zulu Pickney” contrasts modern Kingston streetscapes and traditional African tribal brings to life figures from black history, not just Shaka Zulu himself but Jamaican heros like Marcus Garvey, Sam Sharpe, and Nonny, as well as Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr, even a young Haile Selassie. This video come in like a documentary. Check the making-of interviews here:

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