HEAR THIS: Dennis Brown “Children Of Israel”

Foundation Selection For The Crown Prince’s Born Day

Born 54 years ago today in Kingston Jamaica, Dennis Brown rose to become the undisputed Crown Prince of Reggae music. Although he passed away in 1999 his voice lives on, for as this crucial D. Brown selection from his recent Reggae Anthology puts is: “The Gift of Jah is Eternal Life.” Let it go…


And now let’s hold a reasoning with one of the coolest brothers to ever walk the earth… [Big shout to XRayMusic.co.uk for the classic footage.]

Note that he mentions Nat King Cole as one of his biggest influences. His rendition of “Autumn Leaves” brings a tear every time. D. Brown did not just measure himself against his fellow reggae singers, he was inspired by some of the greatest vocalists of all time.

And if you’re fortunate enough to be in Jamaica this week, be sure to check out all the musical celebrations going down on Orange Street, Dennis Brown’s birthplace. And if you feel like D. Brown deserves some sort of official recognition in Jamaica, you may want to check out Stan Smith’s argument.

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