WATCH THIS: Vybz Kartel & Sheba “Like Christmas”

Pepper Lights Are Shining In Gaza—Time For Some Rampin

Director Janelle Dyer serves up some memorable images in this brand new video from The Gaza Empire. Pretty sure Kartel and Sheba are the first dancehall artists ever to embrace in a snow-covered forest. And if you’ve never seen Kartel’s green and red elf cap, feast your eyes…

Beyond the obvious charms of the video, the Don Corleone-produced track is unabashed Auto-Tune pop that’s smooth, radio-friendly, and just G-rated enough to mess around & blow up worldwide like a next Rampin Shop. Even if you can’t afford to share gift-wrapped boxes of lingerie and rose-strewn satin sheets, everybody can relate to the punchline: “When we ah touch it come een like Christmas.” Touch it…

Kartel: “Me never inna nuttin wid yuh auntie”
Sheba: “Me believe yuh me dear, caw she ugly”

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