PEOPLE’S CHOICE: “Phat Punani” or “Want Yuh Body”?

Which Version of Leftside’s Tune Is Badder: The Raw or The Remix?

This past June KeepLeft Records released the raw, uncut version of “Phat Punani” a tune that set dancefloors on fire. The song’s unforgettable hook displayed Leftside’s bold sexuality as well as his trademark start-stop cadence. But the producer/artist was just getting started….

When it came time to drop the remix, Leftside flipped the script by bringing in Mystic, the lovely Jamaican dancer known for the cute gap in her teeth and her remarkable muscle control. He called the remix “Want Yuh Body,” mostly to get around radio censors, but on this version he had Mystic spitting lyrics in a sultry, breathy whisper. There’s no doubt Mystic raised the temperature a few degrees with her performance. And her performance in the video by Icey Jace shot the whole ting to a next level.

There’s no doubt that both cuts are hot—but which version of the song do you prefer? Should there be a RE-remix and a video with Mystic spitting over the rawer version? Hey, it CAN happen. This music thing is all about the people’s choice. (Hence the name of this post.) You know how it go: So leave a comment and let em know!

3 Responses

  1. kris says:

    Biggest tune fi 2010

  2. ms mem says:

    I had seen this one video where Leftside and Mystic did like 47 seconds of the tune and the rest of the video is interview~ I thought that 47 seconds was the official video and was excited to see the rest of it!!!! So, i like that verison of the song “massively”…. I do like the Official video too! Leftside is Da Wizard 4 Sure 😉

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