HEAR THIS: Mavado & Vado “M.O.V.A.D.O.”

Harlem And The Gullyside Link Up: This Could Be A Problem

It didn’t take a genius to see this one coming. Like Mavado, Vado is most hated. And the Dipset’s blazing young gun traces his heritage back to Jamaica too. Vado + Mavado = Certified Boomshot. You knew they had to link up eventually, but who really knew it would be this hard? “I’ma grow my wings again,” the Gully Gaad sings, reflecting on his inability to fly to America due to visa politics. Feel his pain: “The streets, love me dearly. Can’t see me, but I know they hear me.” Then Vado checks in from Dipset HQ and you know what comes next…

In comes a musical thing called “Money Outta Violence And Drugs Only.” Are we clear? Run that…


“Till then… See you again.”

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