HEAR THIS: Busy Signal “Spliff Tail”

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This cut off the new Hi Grade Ganja Anthems anthology ranks as my favorite Busy Signal weed tune, which is no small statement…The DJ has clearly gained much inspiration from the wisdom weed that was—according to dancehall legend—found on King Solomon’s Grave. But this one is my favorite since he did that T-Wayne Remix a couple years back. But “Spliff Tail” couldn’t be a more different type of tune. Rather than jacking an R&B beat from Farin, Busy drops crazy flows and vividly detailed descriptions of a half-smoked joint over a bouncy rub-a-dub riddim. (Not to be confused with Triston Palmer’s crucial tune of the same name.) “Nuttin no nice” like that same old dancehall style. You already know what it is. Blaze it up…


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