HEAR THIS: Bounty Killer “The Message” (Done Talk)

The Poor People Governor Turns It Up Again With Madhouse

Gully Gaad, Warlord, Timberlee, Cham and Chase Cross at Big Yard Studio.

Madhouse Productions’ new “Turn It Up” riddim has been making noise for a couple of weeks already. But the mission was not complete until late last night, when Dave Kelly and Rodney Price finished off “The Message,” a powerful statement that Killer and Madhouse were back in effect—”the link seal and the link real.” And the new lyrics in the full version go even harder…

And as bad as the latest Madhouse riddim may be, this song isn’t just interested in rocking the party but in “reaching out to the world at large” and giving voice to real issues facing real people right now. Like the line about “we ah stop pay fi light so tell them come come collect”? All this week on Jamaican radio has been running PSA’s urging Tivoli Gardens residents to register with the Jamaican Power Service, after years of having their electric needs filled by the man called “Prezi.” Now after all they’ve been through they’ve got to start finding money to pay the light bill. Like the song says “Supm haffi gwan.” Turn it up…

The Kid Is Back.

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