And Now, A Word From His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Haile Selassie I

“With Faith, Courage And A Just Cause, David Will Still Beat Goliath”

Well said. But how was the King of Kings really living? Check out the Ethiopian Imperial Jubilee celebration. How do you say “flossing” in Amharic?

In October 1963 His Majesty appeared on “Meet The Press,” where he was asked the question “What is the white man’s place in Africa?” Even before all the Amharic translation is over the with, the look on Selassie’s face says it all. But it’s well worth waiting for his final quote at the end.

just in case you missed that broadcast, Bob Marley set the man’s words to music:

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  1. kago lebiko bantu seatile says:


  2. JAH Will says:

    No – I will have no other God an King for Iternity, the dying will be when HIM breethe pon them!

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