WATCH THIS: Icientcy Mau & The Mau Mau Warriors “Works To Do”

Another Good Thing About Music… Trenchtown Rocks On

Where, you ask, is the real rootsman? Look no further than Trenchtown, the musical hotbed that brought talents like Joe Higgs and The Wailers to the world. After all these years, it’s time to add one more name to the list of Trenchtown Rockers.

Icientcy Mau & The Mau Mau play unadulturated reggae music without any apology. Which is a pretty fearless thing to do in Jamaica’s current musical landscape. (Speaking of fearless, don’t you love the photo? According to the photographer’s Flickr page, it was shot in the back of truck while riding down the highway at 100 mph or so.) Icientcy first broke into the music business as the dancehall DJ Junior Rankin (who made a few records with a brother named Papa Finnigan). When the duo parted ways Junior Rankin embraced a name that was given to him in his childhood by elders: Icientcy, meaning Ancient One. The Mau Maus, of course, were the militant rebels who rose up against British colonial rule in Kenya during the 1950s, inspiring other freedom fighters throughout the diaspora. Icientcy drew upon their strength and inspiration, putting it into his music. He linked up with guitarist Jermaine “Gadget” Reid, drummer Jermaine “Songo” Wilson, bassist Damion Benjamin, keyboardist Jeffery Graham, percussionist Richardo “St. Patrick” Lawrence, and vocalist Nina Karl. Watch for their album When Words Come To Life, featuring this single “Works To Do” which made a big splash in the Jamaican charts this year, along with the follow-up single “Caan Follow None Of Them.” Even the nowadays youths love the new old sound. Leggo the riddim…

Now that you’re feeling the vibes, take time to hear the man reasoning… and next time you’re in Trenchtown, go check Icientcy yourself. Word is that when Icientcy Mau isn’t mashing up stages at home and abroad, he sometimes gives tours of historic Trenchtown.

Last but not least, just check this rehearsal footage. Audio is a bit distorted, but Icientcy swag tun right up… Go deh Mau Maus!


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  1. Queen Reynolds says:

    Greetings from the U.S., Love the new album with ancient fire!!! Bless IcientcyMau and the Mau-Mau warriors. Looking forward to a live performance in the States. The chocolate city of course. Washington,D.C.
    Nothing but love and much success.

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