HEAR THIS: Cham & Timberlee “Tump Mi”

From You No Pop Down Make Me See De Hand Dem… Madhouse Again!

“How you cute so? How you hot so?” Cham inquires while Timberlee eases into the Goodas role on this Certified Boomshot from Madhouse’s new “Turn It Up” riddim. Don’t draw her out…

It’s a joy to hear Cham and Timberlee gettin on bad like Papa San & Lady G back in the day. (Before anybody gets the wrong idea, Cham’s a lover not a tumper.) If anything he’s enabling the dancehall diva, putting a battery in her back (“Dem haffi tase you!”) How could Timberlee not challenge to some trash-talking skettel. “If a gal no like that…” Tump it…


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