Bling Dawg Turns It Up

Haters Suck An Egg! Ricky Rudie’s Rallying Back Again In 2010

Remember when Ricky Rudie was telling folk to “Gwan Suck An Egg” and linking Kartel via “Phone Call“? Seems like the DJ has been cooling out for a second, until he touched down on Breadback’s “Tan Bad” riddim the other day, and things started percolating…

“No hug me and stab me inna de back” was the name of the tune that got heads talking. Bling Dawg sounds hungry from the first line, and he smashes the throwback rub-a-dub track burning out the Ace of Spades Champagne friend dem.

“No Stab Me Inna Me Back” (Tan Bad Riddim)


After coming back hard like that, the DJ fulfilled a longtime career goal of working with super-producer Dave Kelly. On the maestro’s brand new Turn It Up riddim, Bling Dawg’s fastin and prayin pon some haters.

“God Mi Seh” (Turn It Up Riddim)


Nobody cyan tell Bling Dawg nuttin right now. Him ah step up and dat a bun dem.

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