HEAR THIS: Rodney Price “The Message”

Madhouse Pon Them Case Again… The Link Seal And The Link Real

Last week Madhouse fired a warning shot that got the whole dancehall diaspora buzzing. The tune was called “Stronger” by Cham featuring Mykal “Grammy” Roze and it’s a Certified Boomshot. Then, before you knew it, they turned around and raised the stakes with a “Stronger” remix featuring the Five Star General Rodney Price. As the Stranger might put it: “It’s on and it nuh normal.”

Cham and Killa haven’t linked up for a decade or so. (I know some of y’all still remember “Another Level,” but here’s a little refresher). There were even a few skeptics who couldn’t accept the idea of the Madhouse fam reforming like Voltron. “It must be an old vocal they had laying around” some chat boards speculated. So much for that theory.

Just to dispel any lingering disbelief, Madhouse released “The Message” this morning. [Props to @JWonder21] “Uno memba when / When me and Madhouse used to friend / Me have the mic and Dave Kelly have the pen / When me and Cham in the streets and we ah step it up on dem / The folly done / Tell the world we back again / You zeet—de link seal / And me wan’ dem know de link real / A unity me seh…”

And not a moment too soon. Run the track… and turn it up!


To be continued…

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