HEART THIS: Mos Dub “Johnny Too Beef”

Mos Def Mashing It Up With The Slickers Inna Harder They Come Style

“Beef don’t come with a radio edit,” Mos Def observes in one of his hardest tunes ever. DJ Mark Tannone’sMos Dub project somehow makes it even harder by remixing the with The Slickers’ steady-rockin’  rude boy anthem “Johnny Too Bad” from The Harder They Come soundtrack. But don’t take my word for it. Run the track…


Ever since Black Star first came out with “Definition,” sampling the “Zunga Zeng” riddim, Mos Def’s rootical rhymes have cried out for a roots rock arrangement. Like all true Brooklyn MC’s, Mos displays an affinity for the rub-a-dub cadences every time he holds the steel. Take that and rewind it back:

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