HEAR THIS: Shaggy & Friends “Rise Again”

A Caribbean Collaboration For Haiti w Sean Paul, Sean Kingston, Etana…

One good thing about music; when it hits you feel no pain. And from the first night the earthquake struck Haiti, the sound of hymns has reverberated through the rubble of Port au Prince. For those touched by the tragedy all around the world, Caribbean music has been part of the healing process from Rihanna interpreting Bob Marley (“won’t you help me sing?”) to Wyclef’s cathartic kreyol remix of “Rivers of Babylon.” Before Bono, Jay-Z, and RiRi declared their “Amor,” Diana King released a somber, haunting track…

Diana King “Black Bodies”


She was soon followed by Wasp with a dancehall tribute…

Wasp “Cry Fi Dem”


The latest addition to this burgeoning subgenre of Haitian Hosanas is “Rise Again,” a sort of Jamaican “We Are The World” with Christopher “Longman” Birch of the Big Yard family playing the Quincy role. Shaggy kicks things off then passes the mic to Sean Paul, Etana and Tessanne Chin sing the hook, then Sean Kingston gets it poppin’ and the vibes just keep on flowing. Also featured on “Rise Again” are the Barbadian artists Alison Hinds, Shontelle Layne, and Edwin Yearwood; Trinidadian Artists David Rudder, Kees Dieffenthaller and Destra Garcia; and last but not least, the Haitian artiste Belo. Let it go…


Big up Birchill Productions and the whole Big Yard family, making progressive movements every time.

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  1. Kadia says:

    May the lord be with them in their time of need…The songs are beautiful

  2. daena-shae says:

    when i first heard that song i said make god be with u shaggy & friends

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