WATCH THIS: WORLD PREMIERE Sheba & Bounty Killa “Love This Lifetime (Remix)”

Online Premiere Of New Video From The Real Sheba & The Warlord

When Sheba Sahlemariam calls herself The Real Sheba, you best believe it. Descended from Ethiopian Royalty (King Solomon + Queen Sheba = Line of King David) Sheba carries herself with a certain majesty, and she thinks about time and space a bit differently than most. (“Yes my love for you can break the bonds of space-time,” she sings…Whoa.) Sheba’s journey this lifetime has brought her all the way from Africa to Kingston by way of Brooklyn, Port of Spain, and parts unknown. In short, Sheba’s uniquely qualified to rock your world. Did I mention she can sing? This sultry lover’s tune with a supernatural twist has been bubbling all year in Jamaica. Sheba says her love is “perfect and divine” plus the Warlord came through to give her the big co-sign. Boom-boom-bam.

If you’re not in Jamaica tonight catching Entertainment Report on TV, then is the only place to pree the new video for Sheba’s big “Love Of A Lifetime” remix featuring Bounty Killer. Shot on location at Tuff Gong Studios in Kingston Jamaica, Sheba’s giving it the full royal treatment. Big up Jay Will, Carleene & Ras Tingle. Game over fe real. Let it go…

SHEBA SAHLEMARIAM feat BOUNTY KILLER “Love This Lifetime (Remix)”

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Bless up. And keep it locked for the exclusive interview.

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  1. aydeetu says:

    yeah!!! keep doin your thing sheba!!! Video is bangin!
    Dj Boom.. I miss your podcasts!! Made wed somthing to look forward too 🙂

  2. Big Fan says:

    Big up Girl. Voice great, looks great video great in beautiful Jamaica and Love Song greaaaat.


    Big Fan

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