HEAR THIS: Flexxx In The Complex “Fresh”

Next Up From The Gully Squad: Flexxx In The Complex—Ternt Singa

You’ve probably heard Mavado shouting out Flexxx on records since day one, but half the story has never been told. Flexxx is a youth from Grants Pen who’s been sparring with Mavado since the mid 90s, back when the Gully Gaad was known as Singing Blacks. Mavado credits Flexxx as the man who convinced him to start writing his own songs—they even collaborated on a few early on. (Check the 7:30 mark on the video for a world exclusive of Mavado’s first original tune, co-written with Flexxx.)

Now that he’s down with the Alliance, and the Gully movement is big all around the world, Flexxx is stepping up his game. Not content to have tunes on the road, Flexxx makes sure all his shots reach their target. “I got tunes pushing out and they are hitting,” says the hard-hitting Alliance DJ with the rapid-fire flow. From “Go Getta” on DJ Frass’s “Clearance” riddim to “Gallis 4 Ever” on Chimney Productions’ “Movie Star” riddim, Flexxx has been on a roll with a little help from his friends.

Always keeping his eyes on the prize and the international audience in mind, Flexxx is back with a brand new release on his own Fagan Fraternity imprint. The song is called “Fresh” and trust me—it’s a whole different sound. You know about T-Pain, the Rappa Ternt Sanga. Well now the gruff-throated DJ who buss his gun early Sunday morning is singing for ladies like some kind of cross between Prince, Pharrell, and Gnarls Barkley. Listen with an open mind and you’ll have to admit the DJ’s falsetto is kinda smooth. “You dun know our aim is to reach up deh inna the international realms,” says Flexxx. This tune might just be crazy enough to make it happen. Run the track…


Yes he’s making outernational moves, but please don’t get it twisted. Flexxx and Mavado just wrapped up a Christmas tune for all the garrison youths who haven’t seen Santa Claus in a long while. But don’t worry—Flexxx hijacked the sleigh and he’s bringing a bag of treats to the Gully Side. Listen out for that one at the 8:40 mark of the video… Maaaad.

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