HEAR THIS: Wyclef & Mavado “Hold On” (Crossroads)

Refugee Warrior And Gully Gaad Link Up To Make Conscious Thug Music

Wyclef and Mavado have been building for a while now & this mournful yet uplifting tune is the best thing they’ve done together so far. Pree this…

Mavado made this statement about the collabo: “They say real recognize real, and Clef is one of the realest people in a business that is very corrupt. It’s always a pleasure to collaborate with him. He’s a great friend and incredibly talented and I think this song is something special. We’re all expecting it to do big things.” Run the track…


Mavado and Clef are really pushing each other on the track. When Mavado comes in at 1:36 see if you don’t get cold bumps: “To all my thugs that’s gone / Memories live on, I guess / See you at the crossroads…” Looks like the video is gonna be hot too. Something real to get you through when the rain falls:

3 Responses

  1. Marie says:

    The song should have been structured differently. What Mavado sings should be the chorus and Clef just raps around it. That would have been SUPER FRESH. Love the idea though and the track is banging

  2. Dave says:

    Great song,even greater message and concept from two fo my favorite messengers.

    I agree with Marie a different vocal and chorus arrangement would give the song some more impact.

  3. stephanie Black says:

    great track, respect to clef and mavado again and again and again… the video is shot by maryse alberti who shot “the wrestler” looking forward to see it…

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