DUNGLOAD Screechy Dan & Red Fox “Fall In Love”

Flatbush Connection Links Up To Represent For The BK Dancehall Massive

All through the 90s, Screechy Dan & Red Fox kept Brooklyn’s dancehall scene on the map along with producer Sting Intl and sparring partners like Bajja Jedd, Nikey Fungus, Rayvon, and a Boombastic youth named Shaggy.

We all know what happened with Shagsman, who went on to rack up millions of album sales a blew up bigger than Scooby Doo’s sidekick. But wha’ppen to the rest of the Brooklyn massive? Remember when the Signet label was dropping gems like this on the regular? “Giiiiiiiirls you look so sharp…”

Screechy Dan & Red Fox “Pose Off”



What a piece of tune. Kool DJ Red Alert used to rinse that one on KISS FM. Like chocolate & peanut butter, ackee & saltfish, rice & gungu peas, some combinations are so nice you have to do it twice. So here comes the latest release from Screechy & Fox. Run the track…

Screechy Dan & Red Fox “Fall In Love”



Just one more from Screechilous, cause the likkle maaga man full up of lyrics & style. “She did ah underestimate the great but now she cooperate and take the chace only to know me take so long to liquidate…” Boom!

Screechy Dan “She Never Know”



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  1. ash says:


  2. james says:

    nice track ruuuuuun di track

  3. Richie rich says:

    Wicked tune, sell off!!! dem yute ya a monsters.. Dat mi seh (musically).

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