Don’t Watch My Size I’m Dangerous

22 Years Ago Today Reggae Superstar Peter Tosh Was Gunned Down

Long before the planes hit the Twin Towers, September 11 was a day that would live infamy. On September 11 1987, original Wailing Wailer Winston Hubert McIntosh was at home in Kingston with friends when three gunmen entered his house… They shot all six people in the home, killing three including radio announcer Free I, Wilton “Doc” Brown. The esteemed Jamaican music expert Dermot Hussey produced the documentary here, which raises questions that remain unanswered to this day, chiefly: Was Tosh’s killing really the result of a robbery or an assassination? If the motive was really robbery, then why shoot everybody in the house? The mystery is only compounded by the fact that the only person ever arrested was a street higgler named Dennis Lobban, who still maintains his innocence. But for now, just roll a bighead and check the vibes below. Let it go…

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