WATCH THIS: The Bug “Poison Dart”

Hey kids! Howzabout some postapocalyptic toxic dancehall?

Kinda late to this one but I can’t front, it’s the wickedest video I’ve seen in a long while. These images of audio artillery (@ 0:57) perfectly capture the epic soundclashes that unfold in your weeded daydreams—flinging sonic shockwaves like ICBMs. Nuff respect to directors Tom Oswald and Jess Gorrick. Holler at me; I’ve got a few scripts we need to collabo on. But what about the music? The Bug’s track hums with mechanical menace. And whatever Warrior Queen lacks in skills she makes up for with excess amount of blustery bravado. No t’ink say she soft; she no ramp fi pop off. Let it go…

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