WATCH THIS: Reasoning with Sean Paul

The Dutty Don speaks about his latest album, Imperial Blaze.

Another Xclusive. Sean Paul on artists fighting against artists: “This little sticks and stones shit with music,” says the multiplatinum, chart-topping, Grammy-winning DJ. “I don’t cater for it.”

“That’s just not the type of person I am… If you do come and disrespect my mother and my family in front my face when I’m standing right there, then it is a different story. I just find it childish, like beefing and this ting. When I look at big men saying these things to each other about them kids and… These are multi-millionaires now—saying things to each other and saying things to the world about this other guy. I don’t get that part. I don’t get it and I’ve never been into it. You’re a multimillionaire dude! You must have some other problems to worry about. Sing about those problems. Sing about your tax problems that you now have, that you never knew existed. You’re just uneducated.”

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  1. uni-t says:

    big up…is this rob kenner?

    this video is wicked…check my i have the other side of the stage…

    bless up

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