WATCH THIS: Major Lazer “Pon De Floor”

Skerrit Bwoy Stars In a Dazzling Digital Daggering Dramarama.

First time we heard it on the Major Lazer album, we thought it was a Kartel tune called “Bestest Wine,” but looks like Di Teacha nah represent for da one yah. So them send for the one Skerrit Bwoy. Him well fit and flexible, but mad, sick, head no good. Remember when Skerrit popped up on Tru TV getting clowned for his antics by folks like Screech and Danny Bonaduce? Yep, that was him throwing a table at a girl inside an L.A. session called Dutty Fridaze. Not a good look. And then the Antiguan-born Bronx-raised selector turned dancer caught feelings when Islandista asked “Does Skerrit Bwoy Hate Women?” Hmm.

No office furniture was damaged durng the filming of Major Lazer’s new video, but Skerrit Bwoy’s dazzling daggering of the devastating damsels on display does make “Pon De Floor” the rawest clip I’ve seen since the uncut version ofTupac and Jodeci’s video for “How Do U Want It.” Director Eric Wareheim’s bold visual style (honed at Adult Swim) is every bit as disorienting as Major Lazer’s music, but way sexier.

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