Tarrus Riley Spreads The Reggae Virus

“Much Better Than The Swine Flu” says Tarrus, a Singer On A Mission

Today’s Sunday New York Times calls Tarrus Riley a “Reggae Singer With A Legacy, A Following, And A Mission.” I know this because I wrote the blasted piece.The title has a nice ring to it, but I originally wanted to call the story “Spreading The Reggae Virus,” simply because Tarrus Riley’s new album Contagious is an extremely infectious musical injection. Or, in the words of the not-quite-title track “Love’s Contagious,” it look like “Sup’m ah go ’round.” If you want to expose yourself to more of this reggae virus, check out Tarrus reasoning about the album. Respect to Ras Fraser, Singy Singy, Jimmy Riley, Bobby Clarke, Mr. Cee, Pat McKay, Johnny Wonder, and all the other people who helped make the piece possible… you know who you are!

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